Kat Ward
Writer, Editor & MBA Candidate 



A girl in the world.

Once upon a time, I was a precocious Navy brat traveling the world with my family. After years of exploration, we settled in sunny San Diego, California--a place I still like to call home. These days, I'm a freelance journalist and MBA candidate at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in Baltimore, MD seeking to build a career in digital media.

When I'm not working or studying, you can find me whipping something up in the kitchen or smiling at people's dogs on the street. 





If I can't do it now, I'll
figure out how.

The most important piece of advice I've ever received was: "Go figure it out, then come back and tell me what you found." Since receiving my degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I've been published in an international journal of sociology for my research as an undergrad and have worn many different hats. Social media coordinator, journalist and editor are only a few of the positions I've held in the last three years. 
What ties these occupations is my love of digital media in all its forms, be it the latest trending thread on Twitter or a perfectly illustrated infographic. My desire for knowledge and the perfect mediums for its expression is what drives me to do more, learn better and create exceptional work.
As an editor for JustLuxe, I've written native advertising pieces for some of the biggest hospitality brands in the world while traveling everywhere from San Luis Obispo, California to Miami to cover trends in the luxury industry. I have also worked on the experiential side of promotional campaigns for household names such as Remy Cointreau, Stella Artois and San Pellegrino.